Business Blogging e-Course and Coaching Program


Business Blogging e-Course and Coaching Program

Learn How to Enchant Your Readers (and Win More Clients!)

standing out v2Millions of bloggers.

And everyone is trying to attract an audience, so they can grow their business.

The theory of business blogging is simple.

Potential clients find your blog via search engines or social media, or maybe a colleague emails a link to one of your posts.

You impress your readers with your in-depth knowledge and hype-free advice. Inquiries and sales flow in naturally. Without cold calling. Without knocking on people’s doors.

But the reality of business blogging can be demanding.

How can you stand out? How can your message be heard amid the noise and nonsense online? How can you engage your readers? And get them to trust your advice?

This intensive e-course and coaching program teaches you to write blog posts that help you develop relationships with potential clients.

new clientsYou learn how to create headlines that grab attention in overcrowded media streams. You practice writing seductive openings that pull readers into your posts. You learn how to generate an endless stream of ideas for blog posts your audience loves to read and share.

This course doesn’t just tell you how to write. You practice your writing skills. You receive personal feedback on weekly assignments. You gain an understanding of how and why writing techniques work. You learn practical skills, not just high-level concepts.

After writing for a professional journal for a few years, I needed to get rid of the formal tone. Henneke taught me how to make my words shine.

She taught me how to connect with my reader. How to create headlines that would draw her in. How to stand by my reader with my opening and ending paragraphs. How to write so she glides through the post.

I took other courses in the past. After I paid for them and got the materials, I was left alone to do the rest, not knowing if I’m getting it right. In this course, Henneke was guiding me hand in hand, giving me personalized feedback on every assignment, answering every question I had.

~ Pnina Droyan, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

What you’ll learn

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Who this program is for (and who should not join)

This program is for business owners and freelancers with some blogging experience. Whether you’re a coach, web designer, financial planner, or interior designer; whether you’re running a start-up or e-commerce website—this program will help you improve your business blog, so you can grow your business.

If you run a large corporate blog to which more writers contribute, email me for advice: Henneke [at]

This course is not for you if you think that by watching a few videos and reading the material, you can master the art of business blogging. This is a practical course—the more time and effort you put in, the more you learn, and the more enchanting your blog becomes.

The course runs from Monday to Thursday for 12 weeks. Expect to spend up to one an hour each day on reading material, watching videos, preparing your homework, and interacting in the forums.

The assignments in the course were such a fun blend of creativity and discipline that I found myself eager to sink my teeth into them. The meticulous outlines, cheat sheets, tips, and suggestions took the anxiety out of tackling the assignments. It was a pleasure to sit down and do the work.

I also found the further I got in the course and the more feedback I received, the more excited I became about writing again.

~ Alissa Robson, Web Producer

What’s included in the program

course material wo border

  • 13 short videos and transcripts to learn writing techniques step-by-step
  • Annotated examples to help you understand and master blogging formulas
  • Weekly assignments to practice specific writing skills
  • Personal written feedback on your assignments (posted in the forums) to accelerate your learning
  • Cheatsheets for quick reference
  • Small groups to make introverts feel at ease
  • Private forum access to get answers to any blogging questions
  • Bonus #1: Detailed review of a full blog post to reinforce your learning
  • Bonus #2: Free lesson on turning blog readers into email subscribers and customers

The course materials are excellent. The weekly video is informative and fun to watch. You receive three homework assignments a week, each a bite size piece leading to a good understanding of how to write an enchanting blog post. Henneke comments promptly on each assignment posted to the forum.

Note: Don’t take this class if you expect to be coddled. Henneke’s comments, while not harsh, let you know how to improve your writing.

~ Mary Layne, Data Analyst and Blogger

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About your tutor

henneke-early-bird4Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent marketer, speaker, and copywriter. She has worked as marketer at both large multinationals and small businesses before setting up her own business Enchanting Marketing Ltd. She’s on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook.

Henneke authored the 5-star rated books How to Write Seductive Web Copy and Blog to Win Business. She’s also a regular contributor to popular marketing blogs such as Copyblogger and KISSmetrics.

Jon Morrow, CEO at Boost Blog Traffic LLC, called Henneke “a talented blogger who knows how to run a business” and Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger, said “She knows how to engage and inspire readers, and she’s an excellent teacher.”

Interested in certifications? Henneke has an MBA, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, and a MA in Chinese Language and Culture. She’s also a Chartered Marketer.

Henneke is your personal tutor during the whole program. She provides you with personal feedback on all your assignments; and she answers all your blogging questions.

Your investment in a key skill to market your business

Learning how to write enchanting blog posts will improve your communication skills.

Whether you’re writing a sales email or talking to a potential client over the phone, you find it much easier to get your message heard. Whether you’re telling a kid to stop talking with a full mouth, or you’re trying to win a new customer, you become more persuasive.

I signed up to learn how to write persuasive blog posts for my business, but what I learnt was much more. I learnt how to grab people’s attention, position content so they take notice and inspire them to take action.

Learning these skills not just improved my writing but also helps me create better marketing campaigns for my business.

~ Mohammed Ali Vakil, Director at Vakil Housing and Creative Director at Sufi Studios

Enchanting Business Blogging e-courseHenrietta shopping towards left

What you’ll get:

  • All course material, including videos, transcripts, MP3s, annotated examples, and cheatsheets
  • 3 writing assignments for each module (33 in total)
  • Personal written feedback on all your assignments
  • Private forum access
  • Bonus #1: blog post review
  • Bonus #2: free lesson on converting readers into email subscribers and customers

Important details:

  • The program starts on 6 October 2014 and finishes on 22 January 2015 (you’ll get two breaks: the week commencing 10 November plus 3 weeks for Christmas and New Year)
  • Your bonus blog post review is valid until 27 February 2015
  • The deadline for signing up is Thursday 2 October 2014 (or earlier if the course is sold out)
  • Only 24 seats are available

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