Business Blogging e-Course and Coaching Program

Business Blogging e-Course and Coaching Program

Learn How to Enchant Your Readers (and Win More Clients!)

new clientsHow many blog posts have you read about writing?

How many books?

And how confident are you about your writing skills?

Most of us are unhappy with our writing.

We’ve learned how to write at school. If we’re lucky we learned how to spell and avoid grammar mistakes. But we weren’t taught how to engage our readers, how to keep their attention, how to persuade and inspire.

You can learn how to write well.

You can learn how to create an enchanting blog to engage prospects, boost your authority, and ultimately win more business.

And you know what?

Learning how to write is surprisingly straightforward

First, you need to understand and practice the 3 foundations of good writing: Empathy for your reader, choosing the right words, and creating rhythm. Once you understand these foundations, you find it easier to self-edit your content and to make drab writing sparkle. Your voice becomes stronger, more personal, more like YOU.

Next, you need to learn how to be persuasive: How to draw attention, how to keep your readers spellbound, and how to inspire them with your words. This requires a basic understanding of reader psychology and an ability to create a hypnotic flow.

Lastly, you need to learn a few creative tricks, like how to add a dash of personality with metaphors and how to tell mini-stories. We’re all creative, and this is the most fun part of learning how to write.

Everyone can learn how to write better. And learn it quite quickly. The only problem is that most of us try to learn how to write from books. But here’s a question for you …

How many books have you read and implemented the advice?

Unfortunately, most online courses suffer from the same problem. You may feel demotivated. Overwhelmed. Confused.

Because most courses dump information. They don’t teach. They don’t help you learn a skill.

What if a program existed that broke writing skills down into doable techniques? Without wasting your time? What if you had the opportunity to practice each technique and gain valuable feedback from an expert?

You’d accelerate your learning.

You’d surprise yourself by writing engaging content. In your voice.

And writing would instantly be a whole lot more fun.

I took other courses in the past. After I paid for them and got the materials, I was left alone to do the rest, not knowing if I’m getting it right. In this course, Henneke was guiding me hand in hand, giving me personalized feedback on every assignment, answering every question I had.
~ Pnina Droyan, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Enchanting Business Blogging is no ordinary course

You learn writing techniques one by one.

Relevant and doable assignments help you apply and reinforce your new skills. You get feedback from a pro—you learn precisely what you’re doing right and what you can improve.

Your writing skills improve quickly. You notice the difference within a few weeks.

The practice activities are well designed. They save time, because they focus on how you’re most likely to develop your skills. And Henneke has natural coaching skills. She offers consistently helpful and encouraging comments. I’m impressed.
~ Rebecca Wallace, Learning and Development Professional

You may think you need a large dose of self-motivation and discipline to learn a new skill.

But this is far from the truth.

You need a good learning system that keeps you motivated.

The assignments in the course were such a fun blend of creativity and discipline that I found myself eager to sink my teeth into them. The meticulous outlines, cheat sheets, tips, and suggestions took the anxiety out of tackling the assignments. It was a pleasure to sit down and do the work. I also found the further I got in the course and the more feedback I received, the more excited I became about writing again.
~ Alissa Robson, Web Producer

Some courses are open-ended. You do the work when you find time.

But when will you find time?

Well? Honestly?

In the Enchanting Business Blogging course, you practice your writing skills each week. You develop a regular writing habit. Because that’s the best way to learn.

You find a supportive group of other business bloggers on the course. By sharing assignments in the same week, you accelerate your learning.

Of course, life sometimes intervenes. We’re all busy business people. That’s why the program has allocated specific weeks for catching up. So you don’t miss any valuable learning.

What will you learn?

You learn the foundations of good writing. You learn how to gain and keep reader’s attention. You learn how to engage, persuade, and inspire with your words.

You learn to:

  • get rid of a dull corporate voice and turn drab text into enchanting content
  • compose headlines that attract attention and arouse curiosity
  • write engaging blog posts that your readers love to share
  • position your blog as a must-read resource for potential clients

A quick overview of the syllabus

Check out the syllabus by clicking the arrows below.

Who this program is for

This program is for business owners and freelancers. Whether you’re a coach, web designer, or interior designer; whether you’re running a start-up or e-commerce website—this program will help you improve your business blog, so you can grow your business.

This is a practical course—the more time and effort you put in, the more you learn, and the more enchanting your blog becomes.

You’ll squeeze most out of Enchanting Business Blogging if you’ve already started your blog and if you can dedicate 3 to 4 hours per week to reading the material and practicing your skills.

Virtually all the work you do for the course, can be published on your blog, too. You’re not wasting any time with irrelevant exercises.

About your tutor

henneke-early-bird4Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent copywriter and business writing coach. She has authored the 5-star rated books How to Write Seductive Web Copy and Blog to Win Business. She’s also a regular contributor to popular marketing blogs such as Copyblogger and KISSmetrics.

Jon Morrow, CEO at Boost Blog Traffic LLC, called Henneke a talented blogger who knows how to run a business; and Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger, said She knows how to engage and inspire readers, and she’s an excellent teacher.

Interested in certifications?

Henneke has an MBA, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, and a MA in Chinese Language and Culture. She’s also a Chartered Marketer.

Henneke is your personal tutor during the whole program. She provides you with personal feedback on all your assignments; and she answers all your blogging questions.

What’s included in the program

course material wo border

  • 13 short videos and transcripts to learn writing techniques step-by-step
  • Annotated examples to help you understand and master blogging formulas
  • Weekly assignments to practice specific writing skills
  • Personal written feedback on your assignments (posted in the forums) to accelerate your learning
  • Cheatsheets for quick reference
  • Small groups to make introverts feel at ease
  • Private forum access to get answers to any blogging questions
  • Bonus #1: Enchanting Blog Post Checklist as an easy reminder
  • Bonus #2: Free lesson on turning blog readers into email subscribers and customers
  • Bonus #3: Detailed review of a full blog post to reinforce your learning

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I signed up to learn how to write persuasive blog posts for my business, but what I learned was much more. I learned how to grab people’s attention, position content so they take notice and inspire them to take action. Learning these skills not just improved my writing but also helps me create better marketing campaigns for my business.
~ Mohammed Ali Vakil, Director at Vakil Housing and Creative Director at Sufi Studios

Henneke’s feedback is priceless; and the second module about ideal readers even helped me understand how to position my business.
~ Jonas Ellison, copywriter

Enchanting Business Blogging is the most valuable course I’ve ever taken (if I could only invest in one biz course…this would be it). Thanks for sharing your no-nonsense, doable techniques. For showing me how. For encouragement. For valuable critiques. And for your mentoring genius.
~ Lee Miller, WordPress Designer and Developer

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